Julie Crowley

She is a personal development coach, counsellor & NLP Practitioner empowering people through self awareness to live life on purpose, with purpose. Relationships & Communication, Career Coaching, Empowerment & Confidence, Growth & Change. “Change your mind, change your life” Based in Manchester & Saddleworth, UK.

What is the book (or books) you’ve given most as a gift, and why?

Personal development planning books, self help or awareness about mind set.

What Are Bad Recommendations You Hear In Your Profession Or Area Of Expertise?

That stress is a ‘mental health’ issue we have little control over and need pills to help with, when its healthy, normal and necessary & we can re learn how to manage it!

In The Last Five Years, What New Belief, Behavior, Or Habit Has Most Improved Your Life?

Humility from world travel year & even greater self confidence I can do anything

What is one of the best or most worthwhile investments you’ve ever made?

Coaching training

Look for a career that suits your values and talents - don't just settle for the obvious!

Julie Crowley

What advice would you give to a smart, driven college student about to enter the “real world”?

Self awareness of your tendencies, traits and strengths so you utilise them effectively and those areas for development are not ‘failures’ or ‘weaknesses’!

What Careers Advice Would You Give To Your 21-Year Old Self?

Look around, ask around, for any and all options for a career that would suit your values and beliefs, your talents and tendencies not just settle for the obvious!

What is the most significant thing that someone much younger than yourself has taught you?

The Law of Attraction actually works for real! My daughter from an early age has always achieved what she wanted because she never doubted it!

Tell us about your business. What does it do and what value do you add?

I aim to empower people with knowledge, understanding and self awareness they can use to create their own best environment to thrive and be happy within

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

Used to be admin management.

Where do you see your industry in the next 5 years?

Sadly, mostly online and through organisations rather than private individual practices

Tell us about someone you admire and why you admire them?

Fiona Harrold, Life Coach, inspiring and motivating, her book inspired my career addition

What is currently wrong with the recruitment process today?

The lack of feedback and responses for people that leave them feeling rejected and hopeless when in fact it’s just someone else had an edge that they can learn for next time. Even a sorry, no thanks with tips would help people in a difficult employment situation.

What is the most common mistake you see people make when applying for a job?

Not selling themselves fully and purposefully on their CV, leaving key acheivements at the end. Cutting CVs short for ease of reading and sharing when its all relevant.

What is a 'hack' you have for careers or interviews that most people don't know about?

Remember it’s a two way process, not just them assessing you for a good fit! You have to like them, ask the questions to clarify what you want and need too. It’s a partnership in the end.

What is a useful skill someone could learn in one minute?

Stress management!

Can you give us your most important formatting tips?

Section headings & bullet point key strengths or skills with short, concise explanations of key points.

How does your resume advice change from a 20 year old to a 50 year old?

20 year olds is shorter than a 50 year olds!

Are Resume's Dead?

I hope not! It helps people clarify their own skills and share them and also keeps them up to date with their own achievements overall – a morale booster!

How has Covid-19 changed your industry?

Moved it online or telephone that loses the engagement and body language we rely on as people more than you realise.

What's your favourite colour?


What's your favourite holiday destination?


What's your star sign?


What did you have for breakfast this morning?

Egg and bacon